Choosing a virtual assistant for your business is as crucial as picking the right location for a shop or investing in appropriate equipment. It takes careful deliberation for business owners like you to land in a VA who will really help bring your company to success. This is why we give you 3 of the basic factors to consider when hiring a VA.


You will first know if a potential VA is professional or not by the way he communicates. And, you can do this via chat, email, or any other communication channel. An experienced virtual assistant knows how to converse with clients in a respectful yet direct-to-the-point manner. His first agendum would be asking you about your business’s requirements.

Then, he would eventually offer a virtual assistance package that is best for your needs. A professional VA also knows to attend virtual meetings on time. He values your time and sees to it that you discuss all details properly before going any further with the contract or whatnot. This is why you should really take the time to assess your VA whenever you conduct your initial negotiations. It is important that he knows how to handle you well. He should also be able to present a set of services that are perfect for your company’s needs.


You should also look into the skills set of the VA you are about to hire. Does he know the tasks you wish to outsource? Does he have enough experience? Is he familiar with the business processes that you want assistance with? All these will be clearly answered during your discovery call. You can specify the tasks that you want your virtual assistants to do and customize the VA package that you plan to invest in. Aside from discussing the skills, you should also talk about the next pointer very well.

Comprehensive Rates

Before you kick off any VA package, you discuss the rates on your first set of calls so that both parties can set comprehensive goals. This will help determine if you are indeed paying for services that are worth your company’s money. Fortunately, you can easily find these 3 considerations with OneVA Hub. Our team of professional and experienced virtual assistants is more than happy to offer you comprehensive packages that will surely bring better productivity and utmost efficiency to your business operations. So, get in touch with us if you want to start discussing your requirements and eventually start working with a reliable VA team!

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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