Choosing Between Part-Time or Full-Time VA

Are you considering hiring VA services? Well, it is important that you decide first if you will go for a part-time or a full-time VA. You may read this informative article about crucial factors to bear in mind when choosing to hire part-time or full-time virtual assistance.  

How much?

Your first consideration can be your budget. How much are you willing to pay for outsourcing? Do you think you can very much afford to get someone full-time? Or do you think hiring a part-time VA can be very ideal for your company’s financial goals? Obviously, you would want to come up with wiser financial decisions for your business so you want to outsource some of your tasks. Outsourcing would mean you no longer need to hire actual employees. Therefore, you need to determine how much you want to spend on hiring virtual assistants that you don’t need to train for a long time.

Also, since you don’t need to rent an office space for your digital staff, you might as well spend your company’s budget on high-quality VA services. Whether your workload requires a part-time or a full-time VA, you can surely get value for your money if you choose to outsource from a reputable PH agency.  

Is one person proficient?

The next consideration would be the type of tasks you plan to outsource to your VAs. Are the tasks you have in mind manageable by one person only? Or will you need a team to assist you 8 hours per day in a week? Do you wish to assign VA tasks that can be accomplished within 4 hours only? These are just sample scenarios to consider so you can choose whether to hire a part-time or a full-time VA.

Thinking about the skillset of the digital assistant or the VA team is another crucial step, especially if you intend to delegate more than 2 tasks. Who do you think is your ideal worker or team? What should be the skills and background of your part-time or full-time assistant? Aside from considering the skills, you should also plan according to the availability of the virtual assistant or VA team you are about to hire. Will one VA be enough to cover your desired business hours? Or do you prefer hiring a team of 2 people or more so you can be more productive with your online operations?  

What are the pros and cons?

Finally, you may weigh the pros and cons. For example, if you are considering hiring part-time VA services, this may mean getting these advantages:

  • You can test the service first and if you feel satisfied, you can then feel free to extend the hours of your VA team.
  • You don’t need to be overwhelmed when assigning tasks, especially if you feel like you don’t have a lot of extra time to train your VA about your business. A part-time VA can work for a few hours only, depending on the tasks that you are willing to delegate.
  • A part-time contract will obviously cost less.

Hiring part-time virtual assistance also comes with a few cons, such as you cannot expect your VA to work on your time-consuming tasks as he is limited to 4 hours per day usually.

Ultimately, there are a lot of possible scenarios to keep in mind when deciding which VA service suits your business perfectly. This is why it would be great if you can thoroughly discuss your requirements with a reliable VA agency that can make customized VA packages for your business needs. Fortunately, OneVA Hub gives you just that. Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive part-time and full-time VA options!

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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