3 Myths About Hiring Filipino VAs

Virtual assistance works best for your company if you outsource it to the right people. This is why it is just right that you choose your VA team wisely. And by choosing wisely, we are referring to opting for VAs from the Philippines. Hiring Filipino VAs can give a lot of benefits to your business, and we break down each one of them in a separate blog post. However, if you are still having doubts because of the myths on the web, then you may get insightful pointers from this article. Read on to know about 3 of the most common myths about Filipino virtual assistants.

MYTH #1: Hiring Filipino VAs Means Getting Cheap, Low-Quality Service

Contrary to popular belief, getting virtual assistance in the Philippines is not cheap. VAs here are well experienced, so why would their services be cheap? What’s not a myth though is that Filipino virtual assistants can be hired at a reasonable rate for their skills. As cliché as this may sound, you really get your money’s value. This is because a Filipino VA won’t let you down. They have years of experience that make them knowledgeable about the different aspects of digital assistance. This means you can expect to pay for high-quality VA services. The price is just right for an expert level of assistance. You name your price, and your PH virtual assistants will surely deliver.

MYTH #2: Time Difference Makes Collaboration Hard

Although PH has a totally different time zone from that of the US, the UK, or any other territory, this has never been a challenge for a Filipino VA to excel. This is mainly because VAs from the Philippines are used to serving clients from various international locations. As mentioned above, they have years of experience in virtual assistance. This just means international clients like you should not doubt the capability of PH virtual assistants to work real-time for your business. You simply let them know your desired hours of operation, and they will be more than willing to comply. VAs from this part of the globe are undoubtedly dedicated, passionate, diligent, and efficient no matter what time of the day you require them to work.

MYTH #3: Language Barrier Is a Major Challenge

Not at all. Have you heard that PH has some of the world’s most fluent non-native English speakers? This is precisely the reason why a lot of BPO or call center companies choose to have offices in the Philippines. Filipino virtual assistants are not just diligent with work; you can also expect them to really speak well. The English language is just like their 2nd mother tongue. It’s so easy for VAs from PH to communicate with you and your team or clients as they have been taught the English language from the early years of their education. English speaking is also a major requirement when they reach the tertiary level. Therefore, your future PH VAs will find it natural to converse with you and discuss your tasks.

Still not convinced if hiring PH VAs is wise for your business? Well then go ahead and take the time to read our blog post about Reasons to Hire Filipino VAs. Feel free to browse the rest of our insightful blog posts here on our website to learn more about how the expert team from OneVA Hub can help your company succeed online.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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