Telemarketing is an essential way of marketing your brand’s products or services to a wide range of leads. It is through direct marketing via calls that your company can reach as many potential customers as you can. So, if you are thinking of outsourcing this crucial business task, here are telemarketer qualities that you should know about.


Sales are not just about talking. A good telemarketing expert should of course know how to listen to his customer. Since clients have distinct needs, it would be great for a telemarketer to ask questions and sincerely listen to what his leads are saying. What is the customer looking for in a product or service? How much is he willing to spend? What are his main concerns and specific preferences? These are just some of the vital questions that a telemarketer has to bear in mind when talking to a potential customer.


A good telemarketer should also be honest about what he is offering. Honesty goes a long way in gaining the trust of the target market. If the telemarketing expert knows how to straightforwardly discuss the benefits of the product or service he is selling, customers can get the idea that they can indeed trust the brand.


Since sales involve rejection, a great telemarketer must be willing to stay tenacious no matter how many customers reject him. You can’t please everyone of course, so there will be irate leads and negative calls. However, a telemarketer should stay optimistic, diligent, and enthusiastic in trying other leads anyway until he reaches his target number of customers.


Aside from being resilient, an effective salesperson in the telemarketing industry must be motivated enough to call as many leads as possible. Motivation is necessary to stay positive on each call and keep high energy to present the brand’s products or services.


Having a great voice is also a must in the field of telemarketing. If the customers hear that you have a good speaking voice on the telephone, they will be more interested to listen to your sales pitch.


Of course, a telemarketer must also know how to use different computer tools to do the job well. Usually, a sales representative uses spreadsheets and lead-generation CRM software.


A telemarketer is expected to take notes while doing calls. Therefore, he must know how to multitask well and be organized with his files. Notes should of course be saved under the right customer names. He must also be able to comply with the CRM protocols as well as the company’s telemarketing policies. Finally and most importantly, being organized with notes includes making appropriate appointments. This step is essential in scheduling a follow-up call and eventually closing a deal.  

All these qualities are important in having a successful telemarketing campaign. And of course, you can hire just the right telemarketers for your sales and marketing campaigns if you partner with OneVA Hub. We can give you a telemarketer or a telemarketing team who is willing to learn about your business and deliver results just the way you want.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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