It is no secret that social media marketing is an important way to grab the attention of modern customers. This is why you should not skimp when promoting on one of the top social media platforms nowadays – Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Here are ways you can make the most of your Facebook marketing campaigns:

1. Include landing page links in captions.

Captions go a long way in boosting your lead generation efforts on social media. Facebook posts, for example, that come with links can be your ticket to increased website visits and potential customers. Make sure to include landing page links to your post captions so you can direct followers to where you want them to click. You can put a link to your website’s Sign Up form, for instance, to a new image you will upload on Facebook. Or better yet, put links to all your social media accounts on a sponsored post so more and more people can potentially view your social media pages.    

2. Post compelling blog posts from your website.

Speaking of posting landing page links on your captions, you can of course share your website’s blog posts as well. This way you can invite followers to read your informative articles and explore other pages on your company site. However, you must make sure that your blog posts are well-written, properly researched, accurate, timely, and relevant. If people can see that the articles you are sharing are of high quality and offer them value, they won’t hesitate to take the time to read them. This means increased website visits. Furthermore, you are improving your Facebook page’s overall engagement if you post interesting and useful articles.

3. Use videos to promote offers.

Did you know that Facebook’s algorithm favours videos? According to HubSpot, video posts have a higher engagement rate, making video ads essential for Facebook marketing materials. Your sponsored post or paid ad on FB will be more noticed if it is in a video format. You can definitely increase your lead generation effort on Facebook if you advertise through videos. Specifically, you can use a video to promote a new offer, an upcoming event, or a product discount. You can even include CTAs on your video’s description to improve your following and be more seen on Facebook.  

4. Use live videos to remind people of your offers.

Aside from using video posts for promotion, your Facebook marketing will be more effective if you make use of live videos. Facebook Live is a cool feature that lets you broadcast spontaneous promotional videos on your FB page. Your followers can then be notified each time you have a Facebook live. What’s advantageous about an FB live video is that you need not edit the material before posting. You just have to make sure that you don’t forget to mention your CTA each time you have the chance. There’s no limit when it comes to promoting something via FB live because the number of viewers varies during the entire duration of your recording. Therefore, feel free to remind people about any new products and other marketing offers as much as you can on every FB live video.

5. Pin important posts on the top of your feed.

It is also important to use Facebook’s pin post feature if there are certain promotions that you would like to be noticed more by your followers. Your existing followers and new visitors can easily see the ad that you want to emphasize by pinning its post on the top of your FB page. This feature lets you pin texts, images, videos, and any other type of Facebook post.

Want more tips? Watch out for the continuation of this blog post! You may also read our previous article The Many Perks of Social Media Marketing for more helpful digital marketing info.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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