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Real Estate 101: Tips to Succeed Online

Whether you are starting or are already running your own real estate business, you should know that effective online marketing can give you a steady flow of profit. To successfully market your real estate services online, here are 3 basic tips:


Your website sets an image for your entire business. Therefore, it should appear professional. It should also contain easy-to-use features that make your clients’ browsing activities convenient and direct to the point.

Having a responsive website means ensuring that your site is equipped with the right customer support buttons. This feature makes leads and existing customers feel heard and valued. You can have an auto chat system where visitors can quickly ask questions and get answers real-time. Your Contact Us page should show comprehensive information so your target market can reach out to you quickly.

Your homepage and inner pages should also be filled with the right CTAs. These include Call Us Now buttons to efficiently guide your visitors on what to do next if they wish to get your services via online steps. Furthermore, your website should have complete menus, which primarily include About Us and List of Services. The goal is to thoroughly explain what potential clients can get from your business.

Additionally, your website should be mobile-friendly as most online customers use their mobile phones when doing business searches. So, how do you build a responsive website? Get the help of a VA who specializes in website design and development.


Copywriting is another digital marketing method that your real estate business should not miss. This is because regular emails are proven to be effective ways to constantly communicate with today’s market. Well-crafted marketing emails also grab attention, retain customers, and keep the audience satisfied.

Information dissemination is also easier if you send out marketing emails that contain details about upcoming promos, new properties, and other interesting real estate updates. You just have to make sure that your daily or weekly or monthly emails are filled with information that is useful for your audience. Always ask yourself before sending if your marketing emails can answer the audience’s question “What’s in it for me?”.

So, how do you make this possible? Again, consider hiring professional VA services, especially focusing on copywriting or digital marketing.


Finally, you should set a budget for Facebook ads and basic Google ads. Social media marketing paired with SEO is the best strategy to be on top of the tough real estate competition online. It pays if you appear on top of search engine results pages.

You can also boost ads on Facebook. Sponsored posts on this platform are effective in keeping existing customers interested and bringing in a good number of new potential clients.

Your business should also be listed on Google My Business to ensure that when customers search your company name on Google, your business address and contact information appear. If you have an extra budget, you may opt for pay-per-click advertising and other SEO methods. These can help your real estate business be on top of the game even with the presence of a thousand online competitors.

So, yes, we cannot emphasize enough that you should not hesitate to get professional help when doing online marketing for your real estate services. Contact us today to know more about how our professional and expert real estate VA services can help your business succeed.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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