Running a successful real estate business can be done efficiently when you market online. However, this type of business can be more productive and profitable if you hire a virtual property management assistant who can do the following:

Inform clients about available units.

A property management assistant or a leasing assistant communicates to leads and existing tenants about new units that are available for leasing or any newly improved properties that clients should check out. This virtual employee caters to your company’s customer support needs.

Respond to maintenance requests.

Since a property manager assistant serves as a liaison between your business and your clients, this digital employee can also answer any maintenance-related requests. Tenants can call them if they like to request cleaning or repair.

Process invoices when necessary.

This online assistant can also prepare invoices for tenants, landlords, real estate vendors, or other third-party recipients. Your property management assistant can professionally draft, email, and follow up invoices on behalf of your company.

Document tenant and landlord records.

Keeping an organized database of your clients is another skill that your online assistant can perform. If you want to make sure that your confidential customer data is safe, you can always entrust recording and storing client information to a property manager assistant. An experienced real estate VA can accurately record, secure, and update important company records.

Advertise new properties.

Your leasing assistant can also help in promoting your firm’s new properties. He can send emails to your leads and existing customers informing them of any property that you wish to advertise. This virtual employee can also do social media postings to spread the word about your company’s featured properties. He can even assist in creating online marketing materials to ensure that your promotional efforts reach a wide audience. Indeed, a real estate VA can do a lot of things to help market your business online.

Draft lease agreements.

It is also one of the responsibilities of a property management VA to draft agreements between your tenants and your landlords. No matter what your agreement drafting requirement is, a real estate assistant can prepare comprehensive leasing agreements.

Assist property manager on other tasks.

Other duties that you can delegate to a  property assistant include the following:

  1. Screening prospecting tenants
  2. Verifying application information
  3. Scheduling properties for inspections
  4. Addressing and recording all rule violations
  5. Reminding tenants of contract end dates

Are you in need of a property management VA? Well, you are in the right place! Contact OneVA Hub today to know how our real estate services can help your online business succeed.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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