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Online Business Tools You Need This 2022 – Part 1

The web offers lots of high-tech tools for small or medium-sized businesses and huge enterprises. Because of various online business tools, virtual teams can efficiently handle document management, project management, team communication, accounting, and even marketing processes. So, if you are starting a business online or planning to improve your current strategies, here’s a list of must-use business tools in 2022:

Dubbed as “the world’s most powerful workplace and knowledge collaboration platform”, this modern document editor helps you organize different business content in separate folders, libraries, and workspaces. lets you and your team create, manage, share, and track documents fast and easily. You can even chat in real-time while using the tool so you can collaborate about the different media assets stored in your content library.  

Google Drive

Another document management tool that is widely used nowadays is Google Drive. It has a free plan with 15GB of free storage and comes with smartphone apps. Online businesses can use this for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.


This project management system allows project managers and remote teams to communicate more effectively and manage projects more efficiently. Some of its cool features include the following:

  1. task management with Gantt charts
  2. in-house and personalized chat tool
  3. file proofing for custom reports
  4. integrations with third-party tools
  5. announcements or discussions to enable ideas sharing

This one is considered as one of the top-ranked tools for project planning and management. Mavenlink enables automation for project planning, management, accounting, and team collaboration. Its platform allows efficient integration of projects, tasks, and resources.


It won’t be named all-in-one project management software for nothing. Paymo comes with tons of helpful features, including time tracking, project planning and scheduling, resource planning, and team collaboration. The tool also boasts expense tracking for project invoicing, automatic time tracking, timesheet sharing, task monitoring, and other key features.


This quick messaging app is famous among startups and small businesses because of its affordable plans. Slack allows teams to create channels based on specific projects and/or departments. Key features of Slack include video and voice calls, message and file search, and connection to over 2200 apps for extra functionalities.

Microsoft Teams

Simply called Teams by its over 40 million daily users, this enterprise chat app supports messaging, video calls, and audio calls. Employees can also share and edit PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files in this tool. It has a free trial and paid plans start from $5 per user per month only. Teams allows conducting meetings with up to 250 participants and integrating with all Microsoft apps.


This meeting app became massively popular worldwide when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Zoom lets businesses continue communicating with all employees remotely, whether it’s just audio or a video meeting. It also allows teams to create video webinars, share screens, and conduct virtual trainings. Apart from online businesses, Zoom is also used by online teachers conducting their classes virtually.

Google Meet

Another great app for video calling is Google Meet, which is considered the faster and cleaner version of the Hangout app from Google still. This can be a great alternative to Zoom because you simply set up a meeting and share its link with the participants to start a video conference within seconds. Google Meet is integrated with the G Suite and allows 100 meeting participants. The tool’s key features are encrypted video calls, a dial-in number for offline meetings, live captions, and noise cancellation.

Watch out for the rest of this list in our next blog post about today’s must-use online business tools!

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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