Hubspot defines lead generation as the process of attracting prospects to a business and increasing their interest through nurturing with the goal of converting these prospects into customers. Leads can be generated through the following:

  • Job applications
  • Blog posts
  • Coupons
  • Live events
  • Online content

Generating leads is a fundamental process in having delighted customers. Specifically, this is how a successful lead generation campaign goes:

  1. Attracting strangers to become visitors
  2. Converting visitors into leads
  3. Closing deals with leads so they become customers
  4. Delighting customers so they become promoters

Lead Generation Process

To further break down the steps mentioned above, here’s what initially happens in a lead generation process:

First, a visitor discovers a business through its website, social media page, and other marketing channels.

Second, that visitor clicks on the call-to-action (CTA) button or any message that asks website visitors to do some sort of action.

Third, that visitor will then be led to a landing page that is designed to gather data from leads in exchange for something, such as a free trial or any other offer.

Fourth, the lead fills out the form on the landing page.  

A good lead generation form asks for the following information:

  • Full name – helps you identify who your individual leads are and how you can personally address them on your email and other contact methods
  • Email – lets you contact your lead and make follow-ups
  • Company – gives you important B2B information that you can use to do some market research and draft a sales pitch that is perfect for your lead’s specific industry
  • Role – knowing this data helps you address the needs of your leads more appropriately
  • Country – location lets you segment your leads properly

Lead Generation Marketing

There are a lot of ways to turn visitors into leads. Here are the most common channels:


Leads dig for useful, free, informative, and relevant content. As long as you give them well-written and fun-to-read blog posts, it will be easy for your visitors to click on your CTAs and become leads.


Subscribers who have signed up through your website are also easy to market because you simply have to send emails that talk about your products, services, or offers. You must draft a compelling copy though in order to successfully grab the attention of your leads and make them do the next step.

Social Media

Instagram’s swipe-up option, Facebook’s bio link, and Twitter’s bitly URLs are just some modern examples of using social media to attract leads. Aside from these features, you can also include CTAs in your post’s captions.

Other commonly used lead generation marketing strategies are Product Trials, Referral Marketing, and Ads and Retargeting.

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Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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