If your current marketing efforts do help increase the number of leads moving through your sales funnel, then congratulations! But how do you really convince these leads to become customers? Here are basic lead conversion strategies that may just help your online business acquire more profit:

1. Identify leads properly.

Identifying leads means understanding who your cold and hot leads are. To plan lead conversion strategies accordingly, know who your real leads are first. You don’t need to waste your time, energy and resources on leads who are not that promising. This is why it pays to make use of lead monitoring tools, such as Google Analytics and FB Pixels. The results of these online tools are very helpful in analyzing the behavior of your leads while browsing your website or clicking through your social media post links and other landing pages.

For example, you may get data on which pages on your website are getting the most views and the demography of the audience navigating through these particular pages. Where do these leads come from? What do they usually search for while on your website? Do they attempt to add products to the cart? What are their common activities while on your site? These are just a few considerations you may use when identifying leads.

When you can identify leads correctly, you can then segment them according to their needs and come up with customized strategies that may successfully convert them into paying customers.

2. Optimize your landing pages.

Your landing pages must also look impressive for your leads. With the right content and visual presentation, your landing pages may really convince website visitors to become customers. To successfully convert leads through landing pages, use an impactful copy. Content is king when it comes to building an optimized landing page. You should have an appealing template and a powerful call to action so your leads are compelled to do something on your website or social media page. Your landing page optimization can achieve the lead conversion results you need by hiring an expert. The right VA can help draft landing page copy that really works.

3. Make the most of content marketing.

Since content is king in making an engaging copy for your leads, you should take advantage of professional content marketing. A content expert makes sure that your website, landing pages, social media posts, email ads, and other digital marketing copies are drafted to convert leads. Content marketing is not just limited to written content. This type of marketing may also involve reels or podcasts that are trending nowadays. The more varied your content marketing strategies are, the more engagement you can get from your leads.

But of course, you should always consider the interests of your target market. Think about the niche of your business when planning the right content marketing efforts and invest in expert assistance. For example, hire an SEO writer who can regularly upload relevant blog posts to your website. Or better yet, get a social media marketing expert who can write compelling posts for your social media pages.

4. Feature client testimonials.

It also pays if you showcase your existing clients and their positive testimonials about your products or service. Customer feedback and professional recommendations go a long way in making your lead conversion strategies more effective. You simply have to get the feedback of your satisfied customers and display them on your website so visitors can get the idea that you are indeed worth investing in compared to your competitors. Getting client testimonials can be more convenient on your part if you have a sales team who knows how to collect customer feedback seamlessly. The more positive comments you can show, the more convinced your leads will be to become customers themselves.

The bottom line here is that your lead conversion strategies must be customized to your target market’s needs. Give them content that has value and make sure you do the necessary follow-ups to turn cold leads into loyal customers. Want more professional insights on effective lead conversion and digital marketing? Schedule a call with OneVA Hub today!

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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