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How to Make Your Amazon Listing Stand Out

Optimizing your listing on Amazon is undoubtedly an effective way to do successful e-commerce business in this widely used online marketplace. So if you have come to our Resources page to read more information about making your Amazon products stand out, you will find this blog post very helpful.

Include the crucial images.

Below are the images that your Amazon listing must have:

  1. Main Image – Also called the preview image, this photo is the first thing that customers see when scrolling through search results on Amazon and opening a listing. The main image contains your product and nothing else as the marketplace itself closely regulates this. To create the main photo on your Amazon listing, you must follow these requirements: Pure white background; Larger than 1000 pixels in width or height; Should cover more than 85% of the image screen; The complete product must be visible; No additional text, labels, etc.
  2. Product Details – The 2nd and 3rd images in your listing should show a close-up view of the product as well as its different angles so customers can get an idea about its overall quality. These images should be emphasizing different components of your products, demonstrate texture, and specify other important details.  
  3. Infographics –  This image may include product dimensions, features, certifications, accessories, usage instructions, products comparison, and other highest selling points of your product. Infographics can easily capture your audience’s attention as it is visual and direct to the point. Lay outing your product’s highlights in this format are recommended because it is easier to understand compared to lengthy bullets and wordy descriptions.
  4. Lifestyle Pictures – These photos give your customers a “feel” of the product when actually used. A good example is a person holding your product and enjoying its value. When customers see realistic situations of the product’s usage, they can be more convinced to get one for their personal needs.

In general, Amazon requires that all of your listing’s images adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Should not be offensive
  • Fill at least 85% of the frame
  • Relevant to the product
  • High-quality and realistic

Optimize your product description and backend keywords.

There are also guidelines for optimizing product descriptions in Amazon listings, and here are some of them:

  1. According to the marketplace’s Enhanced Brand Content page, your Brand must be registered in the US on Amazon.
  2. Add long-tail keywords with low or medium search volume in your description.
  3. Have a readable sales copy. You can use SellerApp’s Product Description Editor which allows description formatting to abide by Amazon’s permitted HTML tags.
  4.  Backend keywords must be lesser than 250 characters. Remove repeated keywords, brand names, and competitor ASINs. Eliminate duplicate keywords that are also found in the title, bullet points, and other parts of the listing.  

Craft effective bullet points.

The bullet points on your listing’s product description must be creatively written as well. Here are some tips:

  1. Use bullet points to enumerate the highlights of your product or its unique selling point. It should focus on competitive advantage and be based on consumer insights. More importantly, it should be able to emphasize why your customers must choose your product over those offered by other brands.
  2. This is where you thoroughly discuss the details of your product, including but not limited to: features, ingredients, usage instructions, and other in-depth information. The goal here is to be able to answer as many customer queries as possible.
  3. You should also mention your product’s benefits in your bullet points, such as freebies that come with every purchase, if any.
  4. Finally and most importantly, win your customers’ trust through bullet points that comprehensively offer a money-back guarantee – that is if you are indeed offering one. Or better yet, put a compelling call to action for your desired audience.

Are you ready to make your Amazon listing stand out? Well, do consider these tips and get in touch with OneVAHub for more helpful information.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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