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5 Tricks to Optimize Your Amazon Listings

So you have a good product to sell, now what? Creating an optimized Amazon listing is the next crucial step if you want to attract sure buyers online. Read this article to find out 5 easy tips to make your product listings convert sales.  

Target keywords with high search volume.

If you haven’t started using the Keyword Research tool to look up the most famous keywords for your product’s niche, you better start doing so immediately. Searching for popular keywords and using them on your listings are crucial steps to ensure that your product page gets a good number of views. You may even make use of Amazon’s ASIN search feature to find product keywords that other top sellers commonly use. When in doubt, prioritize 3-4 longtail keywords that have a high search volume.

Make sure titles are optimized for mobile.

Did you know that the mobile view of Amazon listings only shows up to 80 characters? This simply means your title should be formulated in a way that will quickly display your product’s main keywords in one glance. Make the first few words in your listing title count. Use highly searched and readable keywords on your titles, which mobile users will definitely find convenient and impressive.

Don’t forget to include your brand name.

Of course, your Amazon listing should always bear your brand. Including your brand name on the title and product description helps ensure that your target market associates your brand with the merchandise you are offering. This strategy, when done consistently, gives your brand a higher chance to be recognized by your desired audience on Amazon or any other online marketplace.

Always put the unique value of your product.

What’s unique about your product? Why should people spend their money on it? Recognizing the distinct value of your product and highlighting it on your listing gives your Amazon page a distinctive image. So, don’t forget to enumerate the benefits that your customers can get if they choose to buy your product. You may even specify what sets your product apart when compared to competitors. Be specific in describing your product’s quality without mentioning the words disallowed by Amazon, such as “Superior Quality” or “Best Product”.

Use separators for longer titles.

Certain characters do help make your titles easier to read and more attractive to potential buyers. Don’t hesitate to make use of quotation marks, dashes, or commas to put special emphasis on some of the keywords found in your listing title. Aside from the fact that you are giving your target market an easy way to understand what you’re offering, you are also making your listing title SEO-friendly. However, it’s important to remember that you cannot mention the following on Amazon product titles:

  • Price
  • The words “sale” or “free shipping”
  • “Best seller” or other promotional words that are subjective
  • These symbols ~ ! * $ ?

Watch out for parts 2 and 3 of this article to find out what crucial images to include on your Amazon listings and some useful ways to optimize your product description. In the meantime, you may talk with our digital strategists if you want more professional advice on managing your e-commerce listings.

Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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