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Marketing Business Coaching Services Online (Part 2)

Here’s the continuation of Marketing Your Business Coaching Services Online – Part 1:

Participate in Online Communities

Your business coaching firm should be posted in business directories. Doing so ensures that your company name is easily searched in Google and other widely used search engines.

Aside from business directories, you should consider posting in online forums. These are also great avenues to attract business leads and potential customers. You may even join Facebook groups with relevant niches. This is so you can interact with various entrepreneurs in the areas you want to market to, be more seen on social media, and eventually build a positive image online. Some of the great ways to participate well in online communities are the following:

  1. Answering member questions
  2. Commenting on or liking posts
  3. Posting relevant updates

Of course, your posts should have a balance of call to action and information. By doing so, others will be interested to read, like, and share your content on different online pages. 

Offer Discounts for Followers

To reward your new and existing followers, you should consider giving online freebies and promos via your website and social media accounts. This way you can keep them interested in your services even if there are a lot of competitors online. You can perhaps offer a 50% discount for the first month of your business coaching service. Or better yet, send your regular clients with seasonal giveaways that are perfect for Christmas and other holidays.

The most important thing here is that you make your audience feel valued. You are also giving your leads more reasons to proceed in hiring your service.

Make Use of Analytics

Measuring online results is another strategy that you should not miss when marketing your business coaching services online. Fortunately, there are a lot of free tools that you can use to check the effectiveness of all your digital marketing efforts.

Facebook, for example, has an Analytics feature so you can regularly check how your visitors behave when browsing your FB page and its posts. There is also Google Analytics that provides information on website traffic. This tool gives you an idea about what pages on your site are usually viewed by visitors and how long they browse on certain pages.

By analyzing these data, you can plan accordingly whenever you need to make changes to your current online marketing strategies.

Be Consistent

Finally and most importantly, be consistent in your digital marketing efforts. No matter what online marketing methods you prefer, see to it that they are done on a regular basis so that your followers are always engaged. This also gives your business pages a consistently professional image on the web. And, being consistent with all the digital marketing methods mentioned above means getting expert help. Remember, business tasks are more productive if you have the right team to assist you.  

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Jessica Arnaiz

Jessica Arnaiz

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